Backpacking La Crosse Basin from Quinault

We will be hiking into La Crosse Basin inside Olympic National Park, for this section of adventure. The plan was to head north to Hurricane Ridge, but we decided to come out near the Hood Canal instead.

  We really been lucking out with our hitch hiking.  The farthest we walking at one time was 3 miles of road.  A few nice people still out there in the world when you need a hand.  That is a good feeling.

  With a cheeseburger, fries and a resupply in food on our backs.  We started walking north this time for a change.

  It however was still a little hard on me mentally; since there were no alpine views to be had for couple days.

  Washington has been having such good weather.  I was in dire need of an Olympics sunrise or sunset.  In years past really had good luck in getting to see those.

Editor's Note: Article part of a multi-week backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park.

mount anderson
Looking into Mount Anderson

across olympic national park
After a resupply and hitch back to the trail - this route would lead us up a river valley into Enchanted Valley, O'neal Pass, Lacrosse Basin, Hart Lake, Anderson Pass, Dosewallips River Valley and hitch out for a few days.

anderson pass trail
being lazy in Enchanted Valley

o'neal pass trail
turning off to a side trip for a few days in Lacrosse Basin

mount anderson
enjoying views from Alpine Meadows

mount anderson
Crossing a few snow fields - with views of Mount Anderson - I later crossed these in my Huaraches 

quinault valley
looking down the East Fork Quinault River Valley - from which we came

o'neal pass trail
Crampons?  Whats that?  

o'neal pass trail
1 of 2 Black Bear to be seen in the area

o'neal pass trail
nearing O'Neal Pass

o'neal pass olympic
Black Bears like to use the Park signs as chew toys
Mount Duckabush
A little off trail travel

la crosse basin
Sunrise from camp

la crosse basin trail
After my 'Mountain Repair' - day hiking in my Luna Leadville's - the discontinued original ATS laces broke on me after a few hundred miles of walking

la crosse basin
Day hiking around at Marmot, Hart and Lacrosse Lakes

gossamer gear the one
Sunset from Shelter 

anderson pass trail
passing through the wrath of a winter avalanche 

anderson pass trail
would of been something to watch this come through the valley

anderson pass olympic
Anderson Pass - crossing over from the Quinault to the Dosewallips side

anderson pass trail
saying goodbye to the Mountains

honeymoon meadows
Black Bears sure like their play toys

honeymoon meadows
Honeymoon Meadows on the Dosewallips

west fork dosewallips trail
Dosewallips River dropping elevation

west fork dosewallips trail
the bridge to nowhere 

Dosewallips Campground
nearing civilization

dosewallips road
crossing through an old burn - walking down an abandoned service road - time to hitch hike again

  With two days of deep thought; decided that the route planned for the next few days was not the best option. Since we were three days ahead from the alterations a week before.  This would of left me sitting around camp for three days so that we would meet our resupply on the 25th of August.

  Plus the route we had plotted out would be backtracking for over 20 miles of the same area.  I wasn't to motivated to cover the same ground for 6 days.

  The thought of pizza and cheeseburgers also haunted my mind as motivation to leave the trail.  Also haven't seen my son for a few weeks, so this would get me a chance to hang out with him as well.

  If all goes well will spend the next 3 weeks in as much alpine as possible.  Wouldn't even mind if it rained some; since got pretty cooked the last 15 days stretch.

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Disclaimer/Comments:  One should train their feet for some time for this type of trail conditions.  
  Biking, Hiking or Backpacking in Minimalist Footwear takes strong feet.  Since as we aged wearing shoes have lots most of our natural foot muscle. Give you body time to adjust to this type of Footwear before attempting anything you see on this Site.

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