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Review: Vibram Spyridon LS

My whole purpose of purchasing the Spyridon LS is for Snow Travel, Glacier Travel and Alpine Traversing.  Because of the Weight increase and rocker plate, I have no desire to use these any other time.  I also personally don't like any of the VFF LS models.
  The new sole design defiantly made my eyes perk up the first time I seen them.  I was in need of more traction when in certain conditions such as Heavy Mud, Shush, Snow, Ice and Bushwhacking.

Vibram Spyridon sole

  Right away I didn't like the thick tongue feel of the LS system, so I took scissors to my pair.  Cutting it all the way out of the Footwear.  Then i connected a small piece of bungee cord to keep the top closed from Debris Collection.

  Within the first first mile walking on a Wet Trail I noticed the Rocker Plate in the sole.  Gave my foot a burning cramp like feeling, but also could of been caused by the stiffness of the upper.

I do not know what target market the VFF designers were going for when they put this Upper onto such an aggressive Sole Pattern.   The rear 75% is almost Shoe like and  provides way to much protection.

 Weight, Breathability and Flexibility is severely affected.  I will continue to modify these to get my foot to breath better.

  As I got into the Snow however the lug like pattern really got put to work.  I felt very secure to the Trail while Sidehilling, Ascending, Descending and Bushwhacking all in Snow.

They next morning with Temperatures dropping to 22 f I had completely frozen solid blocks of ice to put on my feet.  I never had this issue with the KSO Upper and I've been down to 17 f in the past.

Vibram Spyridon snow
Ankle deep of White Stuff

Vibram Spyridon snow
Wondering through the Forest

This is based on Wet and Snow Conditions.


  • Cat like Grip
  • Sole design
  • Tear resistance
  • Weight
  • Flexibility
  • Breathability
  • Loss of Ground Feel
  • Upper Thickness

  New to the Barefoot Backpacking Movement or plan on doing long Fastpacking days?  This is a perfect sole for you.  Plenty of protection against sharp objects and your feet will not feel as tired with the Rocker Plate on longer distance trips.

  I also suggest reading this Great Review.  I am taking the Footwear past the limits of what they are designed for, so you may find that article to be a bit more informative.

  If you walked up and asked me.  Should I purchase these?  I would ask you what you were going to use them for first and then probably direct you toward the Vibram Five Finger Seeya which has been working out great for me on the road and trail (have not taken the Seeya into the Snow yet).
Want the Spyridon Sole?  Wait for Fall 2012 Model (non LS)  Can't wait?  Buy them now!

I have also put the non Vibram Spyridon LS Model on in an Indoor Environment.  Water Drainage and Weight are still a concern.  The Upper design is much more outdoor friendly and breathable.  More of a Treksport feel.  Can't wait to take them onto the Muddy Trails in Fall.

  Disclaimer:  I am not a gear reviewer.  My review will be based on a backpacking and trail Running point of view only.  I do have a lot of people asking me about various models of Minimalist  Footwear for Backpacking.  So I thought I would put in my two cents.  

Story of this full adventure pictured above.