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Bus to Olympic National Park Basics

Update:  Second post on the topic. 

I've been having a lot of people ask me about my bus/bike/hike trips in the Olympic National Park. Most of them only costing $3.00 round trip travel expense. That's not bad at all compared to driving a gas guzzler SUV. I like to use the ‘Olympic Connection’ service that connects Port Angeles to Olympia, Wa. (links bellow) So I've decided to write up a some basic ideas for Buspacking.

bike olympic discovery trail

I suggest leaving Port Angeles via Gateway Center on the earliest Bus, but not to early that the Tourist wont be around to pick you up right way when Hitch Hiking up the various park roads. I personally utilize the 0930 Forks Bus (route 14)

bus backpack olympic

Elwha Valley Trails: 20 min bus ride from PA. Bike or Hitchhike around 5 miles to Elwha Ranger station. Various trail systems can be accessed from this point. Elwha Trail starts another 5 miles up the Whiskey Bend Rd. (check if the road is open) *travel cost $1.50 each way

sun lake

Lake Crescent Trails: 30 min bus ride from PA. Hike with no bike really necessary, since the trial is right under Highway 101. These trails are best accessed at the Barnes Creek Bus Stop. Most popular of these trails are Storm King, Marymere Falls and Barnes Creek Trail which leads to the Aurora Divide Trails. *travel cost $1.50 each way

snowy lake

Sol Duc Trails: 52 min bus ride from PA. Bike or Hitchhike around 10 miles to Sol Duc Trail head. Most popular of these trails are Sol Duc Falls and the High Divide Trail Loop (Seven Lakes Basin). Park Owned Sol Duc Hot Springs can also be accessed for a fee. *travel cost $1.50 each way

hoh trail

Hoh Rain Forest Trails: 1 hour 40min bus ride from PA (includes the Jefferson County Shuttle Transfer travel time) Bike or Hitchhike around 15 miles to the Hoh Visitors Center. Most popular of these trails is the Hoh Valley Trail which accesses the Rain Forest and Mt. Olympus (High Divide can also be accessed from the Hoh) *travel cost $1.50 + .50 for Jefferson County Shuttle each way


Lake Quinault Trails: Around 4 hour bus Ride from PA (includes the Jefferson County Shuttle and Grays Harbor Transit Transfer travel times) Bike or Hitchhike a various distance of 13 to 20+ miles of paved to unpaved roads. Most popular of these trails are Enchanted Valley, Skyline Primitive Trail and North Fork Quinault which is also known as the Press Expedition Trial. I suggest getting off the bus at the Lake Quinault Lodge via GHT. *travel cost $1.50 + .50 for Jefferson County Shuttle + $1.00 for Grays Harbor Transit each way

Olympic Coast:La Push and Rialto Beach can also be accessed by taking the La Push Bus (5 mile Hitchhike or Bike ride is required from Mora Rd.) Kalaloch Beach's can be accessed via Jefferson County Shuttle. (no overnight camping on Beach is allowed by the Park, but you can stay in the Kalaloch Campground which is right off Highway 101 *check for reservations)

forks bus

'Olympic Connection' Transit Links:
Clallam County Transit
Jefferson County Transit
Grays Harbor County Transit